Another year older or wiser?

So it’s that day of the year again when I can choose to feel old, or celebrate another year of experience…
This week has been great, I’m on holiday in gloriously sunny Spain, I’ve found out I’ve been successful in an interview for a promotion at work, I’ve been out for my first ever run abroad and I’ve been spoilt by my hubby and my girls! So today on my birthday I have the same attitude as always, feeling happy to be alive, blessed to have a wonderful family, like things are going well at work, and happy in the sunshine…
So, why is it that for whatever reason I’m being tempted to tip the scales into ‘another year older’ rather than acting like a kid in a sweetie store?! This year, I awoke on my birthday with no voice, and a pinched nerve in my shoulder blade, typical, sounding and feeling like an old woman!

Birthday Sun Lounging
Well and truly photobombed!!

STOP! I will not let this ruin my day… I am 38 today, still 2 years away from the big 4-0, I am fitter than i have ever been, I’m with my beautiful girls who I created and am immensely proud of, I’m here with my fabulous husband who spoils me AND, for the first time in 29 years it looks like there will no rain on my birthday either here or at home!!

I will not feel old, I will not shy away from my birthday… Today is MY day and I’m going to enjoy every second (even if I have to swallow an ibuprofen or two)!! Off out for a Tapas meal tonight on the beautiful shores of Lloret de Mar – Hasta luego amigos!!
L xx

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