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If you are a parent in the UK and I mention the words Lego Cards you will either feel instantly stressed or have a wry smile creep across your face.  For those of you not residing in the UK one of our big supermarkets has been giving away small cards with Lego figures on them to collect in a book.  You were able to get these by spending £10 instore or online and you would receive 4 cards.  I cannot imagine it has been anything but a total success for the business as it seems every child in the land has had their parent shop at this chain just to get the cards for their collections.

The problem for some collectors (let’s be honest I should say parents) now comes in that if you have not completed your book of 140 cards and you are a bit OCD like me then you cannot simply order cards 43, 80 & 135 like you can do with another famous global sticker collectable company.  So swap shops are the only way to complete your collections and this has led to much parent stress, many pleas for help on social media and rearranging of weekends to attend organised swapping sessions.

Thanks to an obsessed colleague who completed his own sons book, and then assisted to complete mine, we are now the proud owners of 2 complete Lego Card books, which no doubt will work their way to the bottom of my daughters drawers never to be seen again until they move out in the adult years!  It makes you wonder why any of us have spent so much time and effort in completing the collection once (let alone twice) but for me I think I felt a strong sense of ironic nostalgia that I never completed a sticker book in my youth, so I would enable my children to feel a sense of completion in theirs. I was determined not to leave the collection incomplete, although perhaps I should have, it may be a life lesson that I have selfishly denied my children, but there will be plenty of these to come, for now I can sleep easy and look at my tall pile of duplicates knowing hopefully I can help other determined parents to complete their kids collections too – Job Done!

Have you been collecting, and have you completed the book?

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