To Posie or not to Posie?

My eldest daughter has been preparing for her first holy communion for months now, and in the build up we have been organising our guests, family lunch, dresses, shoes, hairstyles, gifts etc. All the things you would need, except for the curveball none of us were expecting, the priest has asked for the girls to have posies to decorate the alter with!

There was an air of panic from already stressed out parents, and many ideas floated around but after much debate we decided to make our own for our daughters. No guidance other than “A few flowers in tinfoil”, so off I head to Pinterest and Google to work out what these should look like, to be honest there was little in guidance for communion flowers, so decided to stick with pastel colours and keep it simple.

I am telling you all this as I was quite proud of my effort this morning to create a beautiful Posie for my daughter, it looked stunning and received many compliments, I even surprised myself! 1 simple beautiful pink peony flower surrounded by classic ivory roses with the stems wrapped in pale pink satin ribbon, e voila, one simple but very effective posie for church. I’m not sure it’s florist standard but I was thrilled with it, and most importantly so was my little girl!

Let me know what you think!

L x

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