20dg HOT Run

20dg HOT Run at 9am this morning... Ran out of water at 5k as realised I hadn’t drank anything before I went out and had to run / walk the final few kilometres as was so hot, tired and dehydrated 😳 I think I need to take running in sunny weather a bit more seriously... Continue Reading →

First Proper Run Since Brighton Marathon!

First real run since the marathon - Seeing as I’m signed up to run a Half next weekend I needed to find my mojo again!! Beautiful sunny day but way warmer than i’m used to! #onedeterminedmum #rungatwickhalfmarathon #trainingagain #dontwanttolosefitness #newfocus #runinthesun #instarunners #beautifulday #firstrunpostmarathon #mylegsstillwork

RunBrighton Social!

Last night I met the wonderful ladies from the 4:45 group who I've spent all winter running with. Instead of our usual sportswear we were all looking fresh and lovely, makeup on and flowing hair, a slight change to our normal sweaty exhausted mess by the end of a Sunday run (well maybe that's just... Continue Reading →

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