One rather warm morning in Worthing

It's about 6am when I'm awoken by one of my kittens sitting on my head. He's clearly happy judging by the thunderous purr that's accompanying my new furry pillow, so how on earth could I be upset that he's woken me a whole hour early? My only gripe is it's quite light outside and now... Continue Reading →

Focusing on Good Form Today

Since the marathon I have felt somewhat drained, the RunGatwick half sealed the deal with a not so good run and I need to find my mojo again.  I decided today to go on a morning 7-10km run.  With school holidays starting this afternoon it will be my only opportunity for a week or so... Continue Reading →

20dg HOT Run

20dg HOT Run at 9am this morning... Ran out of water at 5k as realised I hadn’t drank anything before I went out and had to run / walk the final few kilometres as was so hot, tired and dehydrated 😳 I think I need to take running in sunny weather a bit more seriously... Continue Reading →

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